Quote - 54

Here now are some of the quotes as published in Our Daily Bread:

Hi! My name is Courtney. Because God has called me to be a missionary, this has become my favorite quote:

”’As for me no matter what the sacrifice, I will follow Christ.’

My name is Megan, and these two quotes speak to me every day:

”’It is the Fire of Suffering that brings forth the Gold of Godliness.’’ - M.Guyan

Whenever you feel down just remember Jesus died for you so I should live for Him. - Jenae Gurley, 14

The devil loves to fish in troubled waters. - John Trapp

It is not the fact that a person has riches that keeps them from heaven, but the fact that riches have them. - Dr. Caird

If God is Your "Potter" and you are His "Clay", what a beautiful work of art He will create each day! - submitted by Tara Williams, N.C.

If people believe the newspapers, why won't they believe the Bible? - submitted by Ryan Lister

The future is as bright as the promises of God. - Adoniram Judson

Revenge never healed a wound. - Guarini

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