Have Faith in God

We need to have more Faith in Jesus. If we trust Him more then we could relax .

Have you ever heard of an apple tree stressed-out and upset because it has not been able to produce an apple.

The tree rests in the ground, and the life from the vine flowes into the branches and then produces fruit.

And so it is, that by God’s will is, each of us, if we rest in Jesus Christ we will produce good fruit.

If we drive our cars without filling up the tanks, we ultimately run out of gasoline and break down somewhere on the road.

As individuals we can break down mentally, physically,emotionaly and spiitually if we don’t stay full of Jesus by abiding in Him.

A lot of people are like fruitless fig trees. they all have the Christian leaves, but they don’t have the fruit of real faith in their lives.

All the branche does, is to receive what the vine has to offer. That is why we have to stay relaxed and become receivers by Gods grace, and not by works or fleshly effort.

Living by grace, is trusting in the Lord, and not in our own works and efforts.

If God takes care of the universe, is it not comforting to know that He also can and will take care of each of us?

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